Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It was inevitable. I can't stay healthy at school, why assume I could stay healthy here in Russia? After a wonderful concert at Mariinsky concert hall last night I got home and had a pretty killer headache, and intense pain in both my ankles and knees. Needless to say, I think I made the right choice in taking a personal day. 15 hours of sleep, a shower, and a good shave later I'm feeling better, still not fantastic, but at least I'm functioning again. Tomorrow is a free day, Wednesdays are usually excursion days, but since we had our excursion Monday, we have tomorrow to ourselves. I'm hoping on getting some people together to go the Hermitage, one of St, Petersburg's biggest attractions and I believe the largest museum in the world. If I can pull something together that would be great, the museum's collections are extensive and the recently restored Amber Room is the pride of Russia.
Otherwise all is quiet here. I spent the day watching any number of ridiculous Russian television shows, including a "Scrubs" equivalent and some comedy about police. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

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