Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Russia 2.0: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

I'm back! Today was our first of class. This semester is going to be a bruiser, my class is only two people, me and my friend Paul (henceforth known as Pasha). That means I'm really going to have to be on my game everyday. Nowhere to hide now when I don't know how to conjugate a verb or haven't quite finished the day's домашнее задание. I guess I can't complain, my русский is going to be pretty damn good come December.
My first four days have been pretty quiet, getting to know everyone in the new group and getting re-adjusted to life in Russia. Even after only three weeks of being home, coming back is still a change. Whether it be avoiding the flock of pigeons that apparently decided to die in the courtyard of my apartment block, fighting my way onto the metro (I will never understand why St. Petersburg feels the need to close metro stations during rush hour.), almost getting pick-pocketed, or averting a disasterous attempt by my host mother to flavor spaghetti with maple syrup, life in Russia is always exciting, if not slightly ludicrous and non-sensical.
I hope everyone at home is doing well and enjoying the warm weather, it's already pretty cold here!

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  1. Tom! I just finished reading through your blog! It sounds like you had a wonderful summer, and I'm excited to hear all about your semester!

    Right now, I'm at the headquarters of the Keck Telescope at the base of Mauna Kea (Hawai'i) and am observing all night. So, your adventures gave me some late-night, delirious chuckles as the Big Telescope took some Big Data.

    Miss you oodles! Hope your fall is as great as your summer (minus the rabies shots...)