Saturday, December 4, 2010

С Днём Рождения!

The snow outside is preventing me from shoe shopping, and general laziness is preventing me from doing anything productive, so I'm going to try and crank out a blog post. Saturday the 27th was my host sister Katya's birthday. Alexander Sergeiovich came over an we had a little celebration. The celebration was a fun, but interesting one. I had slept in that morning (it's so dark here that all anyone wants to do is sleep) so the many obligatory celebratory shots of vodka largely served as my breakfast and lunch for the day. As I desperately shoveled down food in the desperate and ultimately futile hope that I wouldn't be on the floor by mid-afternoon, Alexander Sergeiovich took it upon himself to rather drunkenly explain how I needed to fix the world. In the future, Senator Thomas Hanley Mahoney (yes, I am going to be a senator) is going to socialize the United States of America. I was informed of all the evils of globalization and capitalism, and informed that only a closed, state controlled economy works. That was followed by something I couldn't quite follow about a green flag and the U.N. Needless to say a good time was had by all, though by that afternoon it was quite clear that I wasn't going to get any homework done that day. Instead, I went and saw Harry Potter with Lyuda. I enjoyed it, but at the same time I almost expected hobbits to pop out during the scenes where they were carrying the stupid amulet. That about does it for me tonight, I'm always tired it seems so I'm going to go to bed pretty soon, I have a lot of work to do to prepare for finals. Hopefully I'll write another post soon!

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